Corona Kawach or Corona Rakshak ?

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Did the picture of Rate List of Treatment floating on social media scared you..? Yes as a result of Corona might not be deadly to that extent purchase sure the remedy value is. But the excellent news is – You can get your self & members of the family insured towards Corona or COVID 19. These insurance policies are referred to as Corona KAWACH & Corona RAKSHAK.

Today let’s see – What are Corona KAWACH & Corona RAKSHAK insurance policies?

  • Difference between Corona KAWACH & Corona RAKSHAK?
  • Should you purchase one or each or none?
  • Should you purchase Corona KAWACH & Corona RAKSHAK in case you have a Mediclaim coverage?

Let’s resolution those lately.corona kawach or corona rakshak - Corona Kawach or Corona Rakshak ?

Corona Kawach and Corona Rakshak are 2 insurance coverage insurance policies which were to be had since 10th July 2020. General Insurance Companies should supply compensation based totally COVID 19 merchandise.

Both coverage have coverage sessions of three half of, 6 half of, and nine ½ months.

It is an reasonably priced top rate insurance plans to hide the remedy of the COVID 19 virus.


– Available age vary 18 – 65 years.
– It reimburses the medical institution expenses.
– The minimal sum insured is Rs 50,00zero and the utmost is Rs five lakhs.

– The base quilt gives – COVID Hospitalization Expenses, Home Care Treatment value quilt, Ayush Treatment & covers each pre and post-hospital chargers.

– The non-compulsory quilt gives – Hospital Cash.
– Offered each tactics, on particular person and floater foundation
– Can be taken for your self, kinfolk member, in-laws and youngsters as much as age 25.
– Has a 15 day ready duration to get it totally lined.
– IRDAI has lately allowed Corona Kawach coverage to be bought as a gaggle medical insurance. (You would possibly counsel your corporate HR to avail you this coverage)


– Available on particular person foundation handiest.

– Provides a lump sum handiest on analysis from a central authority licensed diagnostic middle.

– Useful if house remoted or being handled within the medical institution.

– Policy receive advantages can be paid on steady hospitalization of 72 hours or quarantine.

– The most quilt introduced is two.five lakhs

– A ready duration of 15 days.

– Rs 2.five lakhs most quilt introduced.

Difference between Corona KAWACH & Corona RAKSHAK

  1. In Corona Kavach, handiest the medical institution invoice will get reimbursed. This way this is a Mediclaim Facility.
  2. In Corona Rakshak, if the corona is recognized, 100% of the coverage quantity (Sum Insured) is paid out to the policyholder.
  3. Their sum insured is other.
  4. Corona Kavach is obtainable on floater, kinfolk foundation while Corona Rakshak is handiest introduced on a person foundation.
  5. Their adulthood isn’t like every different.
  6. In phrases of protection, the Corona Kawach covers each pre and submit clinical fees However, handiest the remedy/medical institution expenses might be reimbursed.
  7. Whereas, CR covers a most quantity of Rs 2.five lakhs and 100% of the quantity is paid to the policyholder as soon as the individual is asserted by way of a clinical specialist as Corona Inflicted.722 corona kawach or corona rakshak - Corona Kawach or Corona Rakshak ?

Should you purchase Corona Kawach or Should you purchase Corona Rakshak?

While making an allowance for purchasing a corona similar medical insurance coverage, you shall make a decision whether or not you wish to have to shop for one for your self or a kinfolk floater, in-laws, and so on.

Once that has been decided, imagine the age teams, if any individual within the kinfolk is outdated and has diabetes or different therapies already that are extra susceptible in opposition to the virus, they might both to start with quilt all of the fees for your kinfolk medical insurance.

Consider whether or not you wish to have one in every of them or your normal medical insurance is sufficient?

If you have already got a Mediclaim coverage, do you wish to have to shop for any of them?

– If you’ve quilt of greater than 10 lakh thru your mediclaim coverage it’s possible you’ll imagine handiest purchasing Corona Rakshak or none.

– Mediclaim coverage don’t or in part quilt consumables like PPE kits. Mask or Gloves. The Corona Kavach coverage covers consumable pieces that are non-medical pieces and also are no longer payable by way of maximum insurance coverage insurance policies.

– Corona Rakshak quilt is payable for Home Quarantine additionally. This is not unusual if members of the family are younger and with out morbidity (current diabetes, bronchial asthma, or BP). Mediclaim will handiest pay when you find yourself admitted for a minimum of 24 hours.

– Normal Mediclaim insurance policies lift a Capping on Room hire as much as 1% of sum insured and as much as 2% of sum insured if its ICU. In that case, it’s higher to have Corona Rakshak additionally.

– In easy, commonplace Mediclaim coverage will quilt Corona to the song of 40 to 50% of the invoice quantity, while unique corona coverage will quilt 90% of the invoice quantity.

– Corona Kavach or Corona Rakshak are brief time period covers and you wish to have no longer pay the top rate until lifetime for the reason that pandemic is brief time period in nature.

Things to imagine earlier than purchasing Corona Policy

– Most insurers are handiest prone to pay for therapies that the federal government has licensed for COVID 19 this means that insurers can make a choice to not pay if a affected person receives a plasma remedy and so on.
– Some seniors is probably not eligible to shop for those insurance policies.
– In the case of any Pre Existing Diseases, there is not any same old means and can range from insurer to insurer.
– If you’ve an ok quilt, you would possibly not want to purchase a Corona Rakshak. However, because it’s disease-specific insurance coverage, the overall insurance coverage may no longer quilt prices similar to those sicknesses, and therefore, purchasing a Corona Kawach is usually recommended.
– Considering the inflation in insurance coverage, a Rs 10 lakh lifestyles insurance coverage for a mean kinfolk is usually recommended, if no longer then purchasing a Corona Kawach can be advised relying on different eventualities.
– While submitting claims, if the invoice is greater than the Corona Kawach sum insured then you’ll be able to quilt the remainder thru your Mediclain insurance plans.
Before purchasing any COVID 19 quilt, transparent your doubts with the insurers as to understand you could require any of the corona similar insurance coverage or no longer.

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