Dear Vice President Pence, What Exactly Do You Mean By 'Personal Responsibility'?

Dear Vice President Pence,

I used to be scrolling Twitter a couple of nights in the past and got here throughout this tweet. And, I’m going to be truthful, it brought about one thing in me. You see, I’ve been offended for a very long time now, about numerous issues taking place in our nation. But my anger has been simmering, managed. Saturday night time although, it reached a boiling level. I notice I now not reside in a rustic with values I acknowledge, or with management I believe. And that’s infuriating.

Personal accountability, Mr. Pence? What precisely are you regarding right here? Because I truly don’t know the way my six-year-old Grayson, who’s non-verbal, non-ambulatory, completely tube fed, imaginative and prescient impaired and medically fragile, who will depend on me and a handful of alternative caregivers for actually the whole thing, is meant to take private accountability for his personal well being. You know, because it was once his fault he was once born with an incurable genetic illness. I don’t know, perhaps if he had simply labored a little bit more difficult to devour as a toddler, as an alternative of throwing up each and every ounce we gave him, he wouldn’t have wanted that feeding tube. I suppose the hours we’ve spent in remedy seeking to get him to succeed in milestones like sitting up and crawling simply weren’t sufficient. He will have to have attempted more difficult, proper?

Regardless of ways a lot he’s slacked off within the private accountability sport, right here we’re. I’ve a kid who isn’t, and won’t ever be wholesome, and also you and I each know that’s no person’s fault, particularly no longer his. But critically, resolution this query for me. If lifetime caps on insurance coverage are allowed to be re-instated, and Medicaid is gutted, how is Grayson intended to get the 1000’s upon 1000’s upon 1000’s of greenbacks (and in truth, it’s most likely thousands and thousands) price of well being care services and products he must LIVE? Without get entry to to the well being care our personal insurance coverage and Medicaid supplies, he’s going to die. If I sound a little bit shrill and dramatic, it’s as a result of I’m. Put your self in my sneakers, and the sneakers of my buddies with medically fragile youngsters.

Hundreds of miles clear of the place I tucked my little boy in mattress closing night time, positioning him to make sure he sleeps safely and very easily, there are a bunch of white males (no ladies or other folks of colour, truly?) who secretly wrote a invoice that makes it transparent that the worth of my son’s lifestyles has a restrict. You’re a father. Think about that ― what if somebody instructed you that about considered one of your youngsters? Would you no longer combat like hell and perhaps get a little bit dramatic and shrill?

Oh wait, you assert you aren’t speaking about Grayson himself no longer having any private accountability for his well being? OK, so that you imply me? And my husband? Well, my husband works truly lengthy hours as a highschool instructor and trainer, pouring into youngsters and seeking to educate them that non-public accountability you appear so keen on. But it’s no secret instructing doesn’t make one rich, and it undoubtedly isn’t going to give you the budget important to stay my kid from demise if we lose insurance coverage and/or Medicaid for him.

And me? You need to know the burden of my private accountability? The crushing weight that each and every unmarried particular wishes mom feels, and will’t sell off? How I lie wakeful at night time questioning, and being worried, a couple of kid’s long term who has no long term except for me. How from time to time I believe extra like his nurse than his mother, or his supervisor, with the entire telephone calls and forms I’ve to do on his behalf. How protecting myself wholesome (bodily and mentally) is so the most important, principally as a result of how would I maintain Grayson if I have been ill or lifeless? What would occur to him? Don’t you dare counsel that I haven’t felt, or acted, responsibly.

Mr. Pence, I do know numerous individuals who truly such as you, particularly the place I reside. They voted for and tolerate that moron who picked you as his working mate, however you’re the one they believe goes to show this nation round, and make it “great” once more. Why? Because you’re a Christian, and are pro-life. You declare to have Christian values and are going to convey God again into our nation. Ok, nice. I’m a Christian too. And I like Jesus. But like Ghandi, I don’t truly like numerous Christians at the moment, as a result of they’re so in contrast to my Christ. And in truth, I’m sticking you in that class too. There is really not anything Christ-like or pro-life about gutting Medicaid and making the ill and the deficient endure whilst the wealthy get richer. Your logo of Christianity is the prosperity gospel- paintings arduous sufficient, and be the proper of individual, and you’ll be rewarded. Real lifestyles, REALITY, doesn’t paintings like that. Good, arduous running other folks get ill at all times and wish pricey care, care this is frequently the rationale they’re deficient. You suppose Jesus would agree that the worth of Grayson’s, or someone’s lifestyles, has a financial restrict?

I realized you tweeted once more the next remark, regarding the unique tweet:

You could also be proper, that can be the Republican means, however I certain as hell hope you are unsuitable about it being the American means. This isn’t the America I need to elevate my kids in, they usually for sure may not study to include those values. Being ill or deficient isn’t a personality flaw. We are meant to maintain each and every different; as an alternative, you need handiest those that are wealthy, able-bodied, or have lived up to a couple arbitrary measure of “personal responsibility” to have the America you’re making to be “great”. Well fuck that, Mr. Pence. I’m offended, and I can keep offended and combat like hell for my kid and the entire kids and Americans who’re being screwed through this inhumane, ridiculous invoice. That, I imagine, is MY private accountability.

dear vice president pence what exactly do you mean by personal responsibility - Dear Vice President Pence, What Exactly Do You Mean By 'Personal Responsibility'?

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