Do you have a sweet enamel?

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do you have a sweet tooth - Do you have a sweet enamel?

five info you must know…

We all love to indulge as soon as in a whilst, however sugar can do extra harm to our Oral Health.

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  1. Sugar feeds dental plague biofilm: Your mouth is stuffed with micro organism, together with the dangerous micro organism hidden in dental plaque. This micro organism feeds off of the sugar to your meals as a way to maintain and when they’re finished, they excrete acids that may motive serious harm at the dental tooth that covers your enamel.
  2. Eating sugar can result in enamel ache: There is fact within the previous trust that “sugar will rot your teeth”. After micro organism feasts at the sugars to your meals, the acids they secrete can put on down at the tooth. Over time, this starts to create a hollow within the tooth/hollow space, to reveal the dentin that lies underneath. Dentin is the comfortable layer inside of your enamel that gives get admission to to the nerve.
  3. It’s hiding in meals you wouldn’t be expecting: As we mentioned above, sadly sugar is hiding in lots of “healthy” meals. Check your diet labels.
  4. Moderation is essential: Best strategy to steer clear of harm, is to steer clear of consuming it up to conceivable. However, you don’t want to give it up fully. Just have in mind of taking good care of your tooth after indulging. Remember to sweep your tooth ½ to at least one hour after consuming and drink quite a lot of water to take care of your oral well being.


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  1. Eat entire grains like brown rice, entire wheat bread and full grains pasta.
  2. Fish, poultry, beans and nuts are all examples of wholesome protein.
  3. Eat quite a lot of fruit of all colors and quite a lot of greens – the larger the range the easier.
  4. Eat dairy merchandise carefully. Drink water.
  5. Avoid goodies, biscuits and desserts, as they’re top in sugar and result in enamel decay.
  6. Limit fizzy beverages and acidic fruit juices as they’re damaging to tooth and result in erosion.

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