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About a yr in the past, I wrote about why I made a daft funding.

The funding was once so dangerous that I needed to quote Benzinga:

“Greece ETF Needs A Shot Of Confidence… There are issues aplenty for Greek banks, too, and that’s problematic for GREK since the ETF allocates just about 39 % of its weight to financial institution shares… The rankings company’s standalone viability score on Greek banks is ‘F.’… “

I’m making an investment my children’ cash, ages 2 and three, who have been too younger to grasp to whinge to their dad. (A yr later, they’re nonetheless too younger to grasp to whinge.)

Free Stock Trading Changes Everything

The concept at the back of the item was once that if a inventory dealer offers you unfastened trades, you’ll be able to (and most certainly will have to) do a little foolish issues. In this situation, I had purchased as many stocks of Vanguard Total Stock Index ETF (NYSE: VTI) as I may just, however I had ~$85 left of uninvested cash. It wasn’t sufficient to shop for some other proportion.

With unfastened trades, there’s little reason why to carry money. Greece were doing lovely dangerous for plenty of years and I figured they’d most certainly see brighter financial days from time to time within the subsequent 70 years. It’s additionally a rather diverse funding because it wasn’t depending on a unmarried corporate.

I pulled the cause and purchased 12 stocks at round $7. Today GREK trades at $10.68. I grew to become their $85 into greater than $125. I’m Super-Dad!!! (Yes, I understand it’s handiest $40.)

Overall, I’ve made them just about 20% extra money in yr by means of making an investment. The VTI threw off some dividends and once more, as a result of there was once no value to take a position, I used the $28 to shop for a 2 stocks of Twitter. Yes, actually 2 stocks. Those stocks are price $40.

The handiest catch is that I’ve to bear in mind to not promote and understand positive factors. This is the one non-retirement account I’ve so it’s tempting to suppose that capital positive factors don’t exist.

So What is that this Brokerage with Free Trades?

get free stock from robinhood - Get Free Stock From Robinhood
Robinhood Free Stock

I suppose I gave that away within the name, proper? The brokerage is Robinhood. And they’re sweetening the pot with some unfastened inventory whilst you sign-up. In order to get the bonus you want to:

  • Sign up for a brand new account via this hyperlink
  • Verify your e mail cope with and set up the telephone app (it really works most commonly via your telephone)
  • Link your checking account to fund your account

If all is going neatly (and it will have to), you’ll be able to then proportion your referral hyperlink with pals to get extra stocks! And for individuals who don’t comprehend it, I’m sharing my referral hyperlink right here, so my children gets extra stocks too. (Isn’t it nice that we’ll all win?!?!)

What proportion will you get? Well that’s a thriller. They say in my app that there’s a 1 in 200 probability of having Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft. There’s a 1 in 250 of having Ford, Sprint, or GoPro. So, surprisingly you’ve higher odds at getting the simpler corporations. They merely say that you just’ll get one proportion of inventory. Maybe each and every month, I will have to replace this level with the stocks of inventory I’ve gotten from individuals who join? Then we’ll have an concept of what’s available in the market.

I understand that sounds somewhat pyramid scheme-y, however Robinhood is unfastened. It prices not anything to open an account and the trades are unfastened. Maybe you might be questioning how Robinhood makes cash with all this unfastened stuff? According to their website online they’re hoping you join a Robinhood Gold account. I determined no longer to try this because it isn’t a fit for the aim of my children’ cash. They additionally make cash by means of making an investment the uninvested money within the accounts. Sorry Robinhood, I believe my GREK trick foiled you by means of leaving you with little or no uninvested money in my account.

What I really like very best about Robinhood is that it’s easiest for purchasing began with making an investment. My children didn’t have a big amount of cash to get began with, but it surely’s rising much more than it might in a checking account. (Keeping my finger’s crossed.)

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