I Sold a Fungible Token for Millions!

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You could have observed the inside track about non-fungible tokens or NFTs. These appear to be all over lately. There used to be a Saturday Night Live skit on them this weekend.

I don’t learn about you, however I can’t perceive why you’d wish to deal in non-fungible tokens when you’ll be able to get fungible tokens. As my buddy says, “What’s not to like about 100% more funge!”

The nice phase about fungible tokens is that it’s a totally untapped marketplace. I suppose I can personal all of it to myself.

It took me a while to determine what used to be the most efficient factor to promote. Some well-known folks like Jack Dorsey offered his first Tweet. It turns out like firsts move for a lot. So perhaps I will have to promote my first publish on Lazy Man and Money? It’s just about 15 years previous now and begins off with a sentence that may make me the primary FIRE blogger:

“This blog is about a man, a lazy man, and his quest to not only retire early, but to retire rich enough to live a comfortable lifestyle.”

That’s too simple regardless that. I suppose I might promote that 2d. No, my highest publish for promoting fungible tokens would without a doubt be my bitcoin article from 2011. It’s nearly 10 years previous now. I can have purchased a bitcoin for $13, however in fact, I by no means did. I neglected my probability for hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of greenbacks…

… no less than till just lately. I’m a large fan of recycling, and fungible tokens (together with non-fungible tokens) gave me that opportunity. I used to be in a position to promote the bitcoin article for $2,021,040.10. I can’t imagine that I used to be in a position to get such a lot from simply a little paintings again then. I wager some folks truly like the speculation of the use of the blockchain to shop for an previous article in regards to the blockchain.

The excellent information is that this additional $2M places us firmly into the early retired territory. It has at all times been shut, particularly if we proceed to ship the children to non-public faculty. This adjustments the maths significantly. It offers us some cash for now, and will have to totally fund their faculty.

They’ve nonetheless were given a decade ahead of the varsity bills come rolling in. This will have to give me extra time to reinvest the price range into extra fungible tokens from others and make 10x extra money!

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