My Passive Income and Goals (March 2024)

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I’ve printed a passive source of revenue per 30 days replace for greater than seven years. For a decade, I’ve printed common existence targets that I don’t replace that steadily. This 12 months, I’ve merged the 2 experiences.

I am hoping it’s going to be sure that I’m in charge of my targets at least one time a month. It must be significantly better than having a look at them as soon as 1 / 4 and pondering, “WOW, I didn’t do any of these.” Now, I will say that twelve instances a 12 months! ?

All joking apart, placing targets in a spreadsheet and steadily updating it is extremely robust. I’m extremely happy with what I completed on the finish of yearly. Before I had this construction, the yearly John Lennon lyrics, “So this is Christmas… And what have you done?” stung me to the core.

my passive income and goals march 2024 - My Passive Income and Goals (March 2024)

Steal this concept and make it yours. I make an absurd collection of targets I do know I’ll by no means whole. It offers me the versatility to fail on some issues so long as I’m making growth on others. Most folks would do the other, center of attention on fewer targets, and goal to finish them. It’s a lot much less overwhelming.

Passive Income

I’ve 3 facet hustles with a passive element: a dog-sitting trade, this weblog, and managing a website online for a non-profit. All 3 require some energetic paintings. However, I will receives a commission for all 3 even whilst running a full-time task. This previous month, I haven’t blogged a lot in any respect, however I nonetheless make some cash from it. I perform a little different hourly paintings that isn’t passive source of revenue. That isn’t incorporated right here.

In the previous, I’ve written a complete per 30 days article in this passive source of revenue. I’ve made up our minds to chop out a lot of the fluff and provide the numbers. If this house of passive source of revenue turns out off or complicated, in all probability the ultimate complete article will make extra sense.

Dog, Blog, and Web Income

In March, the canine boarding trade used to be horrible. We went on a two-week holiday on a Royal Caribbean send and then spent every week at Disney World in Orlando. Hopefully, I will be able to get to submit my assessment of that quickly. I will’t board canines whilst touring, so I needed to flip away a large number of doable trade.

I didn’t weblog very a lot both, however a minimum of that source of revenue stayed most commonly the similar.

The non-profit website online I set up doesn’t pay a lot, however I like being a part of the group. I am hoping so as to add extra website online paintings in 2024. March’s canine, weblog, and website online source of revenue used to be $2,370.00.

The earlier month, it used to be $five,390.73.

Wow, I used to be down over $three,000! That turns out like so much. On the opposite hand, the source of revenue of $2,370 whilst being on holiday a lot of the time is lovely excellent.

Because this canine, weblog, and website online source of revenue calls for some paintings, I best depend part of it as passive source of revenue. More on that later.

Rental Property Income

We have two condominium homes. They nonetheless have mortgages, so the condominium source of revenue isn’t a lot more than breaking even. We’re virtually finished with the mortgages, regardless that, and then they’ll make a lot more cash (round $25,000 a 12 months).

For the aim of this file, I calculate their source of revenue the use of the next system:

(Rents After Estimated Expenses) * (Equity Percentage Owned) = Passive Income

Estimated bills are insurance coverage, belongings taxes, rental charges, and estimated rental repairs. Equity Percentage Owned (EPO) is our overall fairness divided via the valuables price in Zillow. (Zillow may be very correct for our condos.)

Zillow idea our homes have been price just about $20,000 bucks greater than the former month. We additionally paid off a couple of thousand bucks of mortgages as we do each month. They each lend a hand our EPO.

The rents after bills are $2,218/mo. In March, we owned 80.66% of the homes. It’s great to get right down to the ultimate 20%. Using the equation above, this may be $1,789 in source of revenue.

Last month, it used to be $1,772. The achieve of $17 won’t look like so much, however this is a important motion for this house.

Managing condominium homes calls for some paintings – a couple of days a 12 months. For this reason why, I best depend 80% of this quantity as passive source of revenue.

Dividend Income

My spouse and I’ve been just about maxing out our retirement accounts for a few many years. With funding expansion, we’ve were given a pleasing nest egg.

I don’t observe the precise dividends from all of the accounts. That’s a large number of paintings. Instead, I guess lets make investments the cash into an ETF that conservatively will pay a 2.five% dividend. One ETF, HDV, is paying round three.80% at this time, in order that’s conservative.

I even have profit-sharing source of revenue with a non-public corporate wherein I personal a small stake. I am getting a take a look at each and every month that behaves like a dividend – it’s simply taxed a bit otherwise.

When I took those numbers on April fifth, the markets have been on hearth. It’s since cooled off some, however that’s now not going to be mirrored right here. Our dividend source of revenue is at an all-time top. For March, it used to be $four,627.

Last month, it used to be $four,538. That’s the second one consecutive month of $90 of expansion. We infrequently see the numbers cross up that a lot, however it sort of feels to have finished it each month this 12 months.

Unlike the former two sections, this source of revenue is 100% passive. For this reason why, I don’t have to regulate the numbers.

Total Passive Income

Dog/Blogs: $2,370 – Adjusted to $1,185
Rentals: $1,772 – Adjusted to $1,431.20
Dividends: $four,627 – Remains at $four,627

537 my passive income and goals march 2024 - My Passive Income and Goals (March 2024)

Dogs/Blogs Blue Line
Rental – Red Line
Dividend – Yellow Line

Total Adjusted Passive Income: $7,243.20

Last month, we have been at $eight,650.97. Going on holiday tousled the canine boarding numbers, however leases and dividends are nonetheless successful the day. It’s the second one month in a row that the ones reached an all-time top. We after all handed $6,000/mo overall. I love to stay observe of this quantity as a result of I notice that some readers don’t believe the canines/blogs passive source of revenue in any respect. So there you could have it.

Here’s a graph of the numbers since 2017, after I began retaining observe:

958 my passive income and goals march 2024 - My Passive Income and Goals (March 2024)

(The blue line represents the per 30 days overall adjusted passive source of revenue. The Red Line represents the 12-month moderate. This is helping take away one of the most seasonality of canine boarding.)

My spouse continues to paintings as neatly. She now has 25 years within the army and shall be getting a pension that can double all this passive source of revenue. Maybe she’ll retire quickly and I will upload that.

I will’t call to mind anyplace else to position this knowledge, however our internet price grew 2.11% ultimate month to any other all-time top. It’s up 6.11% for the 12 months. Our liquid money is down to just three.34% of our internet price. We’ve been spending cash on holidays and a brand new automobile. Also, as a result of our internet price goes up, that ratio goes to be decrease. Fortunately, I believe we have now a few months to make that cross up. Our Debt/NW ratio is 6.52%, which is excellent. Seven years in the past, it used to be over 50%. That’s the facility of 15-year mortgages.

Business and Other Money Goals

Personal Income ($85,000)

Two years in the past, I revamped $98,000 in facet hustles. Last 12 months, I made $88,000. I’ve not too long ago reduce on canine boarding a little, so I’m aiming for $85,000 this 12 months. Through March, I made about $20,968, and I’m on a $82,792 tempo. I’ll must perform a little hustling. Usually, the summer time months pick out up for canine boarding. Also, with April most commonly within the books, I will say that issues are going neatly to this point.

Complete Estate Planning

I wish to perform a little critical property making plans… the sort that comes to attorneys and monetary/tax advisers.

Last 12 months, I learn More Than Enough via Mike Piper and contacted him about property making plans. I met with him previous this 12 months, and we made up our minds that there aren’t any occasions to plot for at this time. We additionally made up our minds it used to be a lot more necessary to get the property making plans finished with a attorney.

Last week, we met with the property attorney and made nice growth. He gave me an inventory of round ten inquiries to paintings on. I’d say that I’m about 75% finished with this process.

Kid Wealth (Goal: 50,000 Page Views)

For the 3rd 12 months, I am hoping to get 50,000 web page perspectives on Kid Wealth.

In 2022, I introduced Kid Wealth and wrote a large number of articles. It had four,200 web page perspectives that 12 months. In 2023, I were given focused on different initiatives, however I tripled site visitors to 13,708. There’s now not a lot expansion from there as a result of I don’t really feel like running a blog a lot these days.

I’m as much as 20,920 web page perspectives at all times. This objective isn’t going neatly.

I don’t have any cash targets for it at this time, however I’d like it if I had a couple of folks enhance it on Patreon with $1/month.

Professional Improvements

I’m in search of extra website online paintings, so I wish to arrange my website online to sing their own praises what I will do. I additionally wish to replace my ConnectedIn profile. I haven’t up to date it since about 2006. It shall be amusing explaining a just about 20-year hole whilst I’ve been running a blog and canine boarding

So some distance, I’ve made no growth in this.


I’m placing a large number of center of attention on well being this 12 months. As you’ll inform from the above, our monetary scenario is excellent. Now, we simply should be wholesome sufficient to experience a couple of many years of spending it.

Lose Weight and Body Fat (Goal: 175lbs, 22.five% frame fats)

I began January 1st at 192.five kilos. That’s 4 kilos over my moderate (188.five) for ultimate 12 months. Most of that vacation weight, so I knew it will be simple to lose. In early March, my weekly moderate is 182.6.

However, with the holiday, my weight went as much as 184.five. I used to be in truth shocked it didn’t cross up upper. It used to be really easy to devour at the Royal Caribbean cruise. I used to be stored via strolling Disney World for 13 miles an afternoon. I additionally didn’t weigh myself whilst I used to be at the go back and forth, so there used to be a large hole in the midst of it.

Health Points (Goal: 350)

This 12 months, I’m monitoring my well being via giving myself a ranking on the finish of the week for nutrition and workout. The best ranking in each and every is 5 issues.

When I give myself a 5, I’m announcing that I usually had the relatively best possible week conceivable. I will best have a few off foods every week and nonetheless get a 5. The remainder of the time, I’ve to devour with a function, reminiscent of part end result and greens or part plant protein. If I am going out to eating places so much, then my ranking goes to get just about one. For the week of the cruise, I gave myself a one.

For workout, I’d have to position in an overly cast effort on a daily basis to get a 5. Most of the time, I’ve gotten ratings of ones, as a result of I’ve uncommon put aside time for added workout. With all of the strolling round Disney World, I used to be moving into 25,000 on a daily basis, so I gave myself a five. Reasonably, I wouldn’t be doing too a lot more than than.

With 52 weeks, I will earn a most of 260 well being issues each and every for nutrition and workout.

With holiday, I didn’t pay a lot consideration to well being out of doors of the actions themselves. I’ve best gotten to 68 issues this 12 months. That’s a tempo for 272 issues, which received’t get me to my objective.

Maybe I set my objective too top, or perhaps I simply wish to workout extra.

These two methods are in point of fact running neatly for me. The Fitbit day-to-day weigh-in within the morning will get me motivated to stick heading in the right direction. The weekly well being level scoring is helping me see traits with out making me manually log on a daily basis. Normally, via this time of 12 months, a two-week holiday would derail all growth, and I’d be again at first of subsequent 12 months.

Health Appointments

I’m having a look to do a number of well being appointments this 12 months.

Earlier this 12 months, I finished a large number of dental paintings. Now, I simply have customary cleanings for the remainder of the 12 months.

I additionally had an ADHD appointment scheduled with my normal practitioner. I did an evaluation at ADHD Online as a result of managing insurance coverage and reserving native testers is insanely tricky. She prescribed me an overly low dosage of Adderall. It’s been very useful.

Telehealth must be the wave of the long run.

Finally, I had frame scans from DexaFit after gazing “You Are What You Eat” on Netflix. I’m additionally were given a VO2 max check for aerobic health and an RMR metabolic research. It turns out like I’ve some paintings to do on my frame. I didn’t ranking just about in addition to I sought after to. This is the type of factor that I’d check out once more in perhaps 6 months if I think like I’ve made important enhancements. Maybe I’ll time table once more in September or October.


All month, I’ve been writing down little issues that I’d love to learn to do. Some of those are productive leisure pursuits that can usher in an source of revenue sooner or later.

I virtually by no means get the time to do any of this stuff. Below are simply one of the most concepts:

  • Learn AI

    I wish to turn into in point of fact excellent at being a “prompt engineer,” with a stretch objective of having paid to be one. You may see some AI paintings right here.

    I’ve taking part in round with ChatGPT a bit bit. I even went to an AI discuss every week in the past, however that are supposed to depend below April’s replace.

  • Canva

    My youngsters use Canva in school, and they’re higher than I’m. That’s simply unhappy.

    I’ve a task alternative bobbing up that lists the talent. I’ve were given a bit extra motivation to be informed now.

  • 3-d Printing

    We were given a 3-d printer for Christmas. It used to be nonetheless within the field for some time. It’s out of the field and arrange a little, however I haven’t realized feed the filament but.

  • Rubik’s Cube

    Last 12 months, my 10-year-old mastered the Rubik’s Cube. He’s now not a full-speed cuber, however he can clear up it in about 90 seconds.

    I will do it, however I wish to have the set of rules in entrance of me. The objective is to do it without having the set of rules. I didn’t get anyplace with this one.

  • WordPress Blog as a Journal?

    I must be retaining a magazine of a few type. Lazy Man and Money is my cash magazine. The objective is a magazine for the whole thing else.

  • Program in Python

    I wish to make a toy program to get my outdated tool engineering abilities going once more.

  • Learn to fly a flight simulator
  • Learn to play Backgammon
  • Play a contemporary music on an ukulele

Hopefully, with sufficient of those choices, I’ll in finding a couple of that stick.


Declutter and Organize House

Every 12 months, we have now some house development targets at the checklist. Last 12 months, we were given new carpets and inner paint.

This 12 months, we want to declutter and arrange the entire area. In January, I did one junk drawer that had stuff like a Burger King coupon that expired in 2015. I did a few clothes drawers, too. It’s been sluggish as my spouse has been touring for a few weeks.

We had one improbable day of cleansing in February. It won’t look like a lot, however we had our cleansing provider lend a hand, and we had such a lot of luggage of trash. We additionally employed a chum who’s an inner clothier to be our enforcer in this. My spouse doesn’t want the enforcement, however I definitely do.

In March, I found out that my spouse and I have been having a fight over the bed room sunglasses. When she will get modified, she closes all of them however by no means reopens them. Then I are available and really feel just like the room is a cave, however I am going about no matter I used to be there to do with out reopening them. So we’re getting automated sunglasses. I would like in an effort to use Alexa/Google/Siri to near and open them. It most probably turns out foolish, however I think we’d use them 5 – 6 instances an afternoon.

The inner clothier discussed above additionally got here via with some temper forums which I realized is an inner design time period. They display you the way furnishings may just opt for some rooms. The ideas she selected are superb! We’re going to must paintings on each and every room in levels to stay it inside of our funds. Also, we’re going to must declutter extra in an effort to are compatible our stuff into the items.


I believe I’ve talked sufficient about our giant March go back and forth already.

In June, we’re booked on our annual go back and forth to Block Island.

In December, we’ve reserved our timeshare for Aruba, however we might transfer it up and cross in different places.

The giant trade this 12 months is that we don’t have a large August vacation spot go back and forth deliberate. We’re somewhat certain that we’ll spend every week in New York City. The youngsters had been a number of instances, and it’s all the time amusing. It’s all the time been only for a few days as we go via. We can clearly do much more with every week there. My spouse can get monetary savings with army motels and in truth figure out of the NY place of business to save lots of on holiday days (if she chooses or must).


Every 12 months, I all the time had a grand plan for the youngsters. Maybe we’d paintings on a YouTube channel or explicit sports activities. This 12 months, I don’t have so much deliberate. They’ll do maximum of what they’ve finished prior to now.

I’ve arrange maximum in their camps. They’ve were given the similar theater and crusing camps that they’ve cherished prior to now. It’s a double dose of them this 12 months. Our oldest is attempting in a single day camp with the Boy Scouts. I may wish to stick with him for an afternoon or two. The knowledge on that hasn’t been transparent. I’m calling the New York shuttle that I discussed ahead of “NY Adventure” camp. Hey, they’ll be informed so much in the actual global, proper? For any other week in August, we’re going to do a staycation camp. That’s going to be most commonly seaside days – a good thing about residing five mins from the seaside.

Sports will come with karate, Lego Robotics, scouting, and observe group. I believe the oldest must get his black belt in opposition to the tip of the 12 months.

I’m nonetheless seeking to get them some more or less in-person coding elegance, nevertheless it isn’t going neatly. There aren’t a large number of assets the place we are living. I’ve attempted with their faculty and a neighborhood position that does some youngsters’ coding at colleges. I’m placing out all over the place.

Final Thoughts

I used to be very happy with March. The cash targets did neatly sufficient, and we added a large number of existence revel in all over the holidays. The best drawback is that I think like I fell at the back of on a large number of different stuff, reminiscent of this website online.

The decluttering goes neatly, however it sort of feels like there’s all the time extra to do. I spend such a lot time doing dishes, laundry, cooking, and grocery buying groceries that I slightly have the power to turn via a magazine on the finish of the day.

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