Notice: Site May Go Down for Service

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My host, SiteFloor, is announcing that I’m the use of an excessive amount of CPU energy. In truth, it’s the use of 3x up to I’m meant in an effort to use. For this explanation why they’ve threatened to easily close down the web site.

They counsel that my plan is acceptable for websites with 5x the quantity of visitors as mine. So we’re off via an element of 15 – 1/five the visitors the use of the 3x the CPU. I haven’t been in a position to get any private buyer make stronger, simply canned responses via their ticketing device.

They’ve given me 24 hours to mend it, however I think it can be associated with them migrating my web site to a brand new server just lately.

I signed up for three years of carrier and the primary 6 months, till nowadays, has long past actually, actually smartly. I’m just about trapped.

This isn’t the type of factor that I would like once I’m spending nine hours an afternoon homeschooling a Ok and primary grader.

If the web site is going down and also you occur to have this e mail, you’ll achieve out to me by means of Twitter

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