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I’ve been partial to SodaStream for years. All the way in which again in 2010, I named SodaStream my “Product of the Year.”

That virtually didn’t occur. I examine SodaStream in SkyMall (needless to say?), which most often served as an excellent checklist of items that I didn’t want. I researched whether or not it will save me cash and got here to the realization that it wouldn’t. I put it out of my thoughts. However, a chum had talked so much about it and he mentioned all of the proper issues. Bed, Bath, and Beyond made a gigantic advertising push and I made up our minds to unexpectedly give it a shot. I used to be absolutely ready to promote it on Craigslist after a month as a failed experiment.

Today, I’d like to appear again on what I’ve realized during the last 7 years. Be warned, when you don’t have already got a SodaStream, you’ll most definitely need to move out and purchase one. You must additionally know that SodaStream has now not subsidized article, however I might make a couple of greenbacks if making a decision some merchandise from the hyperlinks right here.

What is SodaStream?

Many of you might be already acquainted with SodaStream. If so, it’s possible you’ll need to scroll all the way down to “Does SodaStream Save Money?”

For the remainder of you, right here’s a temporary creation. SodaStream a kitchen equipment this is used to make your individual soda at house. That used to be the concept that that me once I first heard about it. I’ve slightly Diet Coke dependancy and most often making meals at house is more economical than purchasing it. The fascinating factor is that its now not new. It’s in fact a product that’s been round because the 70’s. Check out this improbable business:

It’s onerous to consider that this isn’t in everybody’s family with a slogan like “Get Busy with the Fizzy” and the cool grandma sealing the deal on the finish. That business is entertaining sufficient to justify this text itself, proper? Well, thankfully it isn’t simply advertising. J-Lo higher glance out as a result of SodaStream is the uncommon product that may be a quadruple risk.

SodaStream can prevent cash, advertise fitter conduct, prevent time/power, and assist the surroundings. (If most effective it were given my adolescents up and dressed within the morning.)

However, let’s birth with what’s most definitely the large query on your thoughts:

Does SodaStream Save Money?

Like many questions the solution is sure and no. It truly relies how you employ SodaStream. Let’s run thru 3 eventualities:

All-in on SodaStream

It’s most definitely maximum commonplace for folks to shop for into the entire SodaStream bundle. It’s simple and handy. You purchase the SodaStream device, the carbonation, and the syrup. The preliminary price of the of the device can range primarily based on options, however years in the past I paid $99 and that also appears to be the most well liked one. You can most likely avoid wasting cash with the inexpensive variations, however in the end nearly all of the expense goes to return from the carbonation and syrup.

The SodaStream carbonation canister is excellent for 60 liters of fizz. Refills are normally round $15. You may be able to save $Five by way of going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and the usage of one their $Five coupons. The syrup is $Five and it makes nine liters. When you damage down either one of the ones prices, it’s about $zero.50 for a two clutter of carbonation and $1.11 for a two liter of soda syrup. That’s about $1.61 for 2-liters of soda. (Note: When I wrote about SodaStream in 2010, you’d get 12 liters out of a bottle and it used to be most effective $zero.80 for 2 liters of syrup.)

I normally purchase generic soda for $zero.68 at Wal-Mart. Additionally, the Dollar Tree close to me sells Three-liters for $1 (#CaptainObvious) for a median 2-liter worth of $zero.67 cents. Sometimes, you’ll be able to get Diet Coke or Pepsi for $zero.99 close to me, but it surely doesn’t appear truthful to check SodaStream syrup to Coke or Pepsi. In both case, I merely don’t see how the on a regular basis use case of SodaStream saves you cash. However, as a shareholder of SodaStream inventory I like to recommend that you just move all-in on SodaStream. (I’ll move into the making an investment case later within the article.)

Hacked SodaStream with Generic Syrup

Let’s faux that you just didn’t need to give a boost to SodaStream’s inventory worth. You can save some huge cash by way of purchasing the SodaStream device and the usage of 3rd birthday celebration syrup and carbonation. I’ll duvet how I do this within the subsequent segment, however for now, let’s simply have a look at cuttind down the prices of the syrup.

I did a handy guide a rough seek on the internet to peer if I will be able to to find some bulk soda syrup. The first fascinating factor I discovered is this record for Fox’s vitamin soda. I don’t know this retailer in any respect, however I did see different flavors to be had.

Let’s run the mathematics on this:

There four bottles of one gallon syrup on this $27.49 case. That’s four gallons of syrup – #mathBabySteps. That’s a complete of 15.1416 liters of syrup within the case (bought by way of Lazily asking Google, “how many liters in 4 gallons?”). It is one phase syrup for five portions water. That 6 overall portions or a complete of 90.8496 liters. We most definitely don’t want four decimal puts, so let’s simply name it 90 liters. That’s 45 of your standard 2-liter bottles. If we divide $27.49 by way of 45 we get $zero.61 for a 2-liter bottle.

If we’re nonetheless paying $zero.50 for carbonation, that’s going to be $1.11 for a 2-liter bottle of Fox’s vitamin soday. There is also delivery prices with the case of Fox’s vitamin soda. I didn’t discover that. I will be able to’t evaluate style as it’s very subjective and I’ve by no means attempted Fox’s vitamin soda.

For amusing, let’s consider that the Carbonation Fairy gave you loose carbonation. In this situation, you’d spend simply the $zero.61 for the syrup and it will be a minimum financial savings over my Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree prices. Unfortunately those is not any Carbonation Fairy giving out loose carbonation. Fortunately, I possess Carbonation Fairy-like magical powers that may make your carbonation very, very with reference to loose. I’ll duvet this in slightly bit.

Hacked SodaStream with True Citrus

In the following segment, I’m going to turn you methods to simply adjust your SodaStream to nearly do away with the prices of carbonation. For now, let’s invoke the magic of our Carbonation Fairy like we did above and presume loose carbonation.

Let me introduce you to a product referred to as True Citrus. It’s crystalized dried fruit designed to be a flavoring so as to add to water (or cooking seasoning). True Citrus has 4 flavors which might be 0 energy and no loopy chemical substances that you’ll be able to’t pronounce. In my opinion, they’re a far fitter approach to vitamin soda.

On Amazon you’ll be able to purchase a 500 bulk packet field of Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, and Lime for roughly Five cents each and every. I take advantage of one packet in keeping with liter more often than not. Sometime I am going CRAZY and use two packets.

So as an alternative of paying $1.11 for two liters of SodaStream syrup or $zero.61 of two liters of Fox’s vitamin cola syrup, I pay $zero.10 for 2 packets of True Citrus flavoring.

You may well be considering, “But what about the caffeine in soda? I need my boost!” I were given you coated. You can purchase caffeine tablets and powder for pennies.

I imagine that for most of the people a changed SodaStream with True Citrus will save them 90% in their general drink prices. I don’t know the way a lot you drink, however I believe a circle of relatives may simply save $500 a yr. We can use Financial Mentor’s Latte Factor Calculator to determine the lifetime have an effect on of this one trade. I’m hoping to reside to 90 (particularly since I’m chopping down on soda now!) so this $500 financial savings carries for 50 years. At the beneficial eight% passion I’d have $318,545.16 as a result of that cash would have earned $293,545.16 in passion.

So who desires $318,545.16?

Hacking Your SodaStream for Cheap Carbonation

It’s time to unmask the Carbonation Fairy. This SodaStream hack is the place all of the magic occurs. There’s no want to pay $zero.50 to carbonate two liters of water.

When I first wrote about SodaStream, a number of commenters instructed that I am getting a FreedomOne from Co2 physician which permits one to make use of CO2 tanks from resources rather then SodaStream’s customized tanks.

While I acknowledge the financial savings, I used to be hesitant to shop for into it. My spouse wouldn’t need a large CO2 tank striking round within the kitchen. I wouldn’t need to move to the basement to make the SodaStream from a tank. I didn’t know if the CO2 that I’d purchase from my native welding store is truly the type of factor I need to devour. And there’s the danger in the usage of pressurized fuel incorrectly.

However, these kinds of considerations proved to be overblown. I’ll provide an explanation for, however first right here’s my SodaStream set-up:

save money on drinks with sodastream - Save Money on Drinks with SodaStream
My SodaStream Set-up

Let’s birth with the CO2. That 20lb tank got here from a neighborhood “indoor plant growing” pastime store. I believe that’s code for Weed-R-Us. I believed I’d be the one individual to move in there for carbon, however beer fanatics get CO2 for his or her kegerators. It’s without a doubt a consumable grade fuel.

Second, the design of the CO2 Doctor may be very secure and the directions have been simple. It most definitely took about Five-minutes. I believe the warnings are simply to hide the producer’s butt in a criminal sense.

Third, my spouse is partial to this new set-up. I discovered that it suits underneath the sink in the toilet. Now the SodaStream doesn’t sit down on the kitchen counter. I don’t have to visit the basement to make it both #LazyWin.

How Much Money Can You Save with the Hack SodaStream?

That’s what you might be right here for proper? Okay, let’s dig in.

SodaStream’s canister is stuffed with 14.5oz of carbonation and it’s estimated make 60 liters of carbonated water. My 20lb carbonation tank (320 oz.) is greater than 22 occasions larger. It will make round 1,324 liters of carbonated water. I pay $20-25 to fill up that gigantic 20lb carbonation tank.

When you do this math, I pay about 1.eight cents a liter. So for round Three.Five cents, I am getting a 2-liter of unflavored seltzer. That’s much better than the $zero.50 that two liters of SodaStream’s carbonation prices me.

I’m now not a real Carbonation Fairy as I couldn’t pull off loose carbonation. However, with the True Citrus above we’re having a look at a price of round 14 cents for two liters of significant tasting flavored carbonated water. My spouse and I will be able to’t inform the variation between what I make and Fresca. We undoubtedly aren’t getting stuck up in overpaying for some fancy LaCroix fad.

I’ve glossed over one essential element: the start-up price of the device. This one-time price shouldn’t be not noted, however in the end, it doesn’t quantity to a lot. The tank itself price me $125 (it’s roughly a deposit) and the FreedomOne used to be any other $100. That’s a mixed price of $225 along with the device and bottles. It may sound like so much, however that is going to repay yr after yr. If you might be anything else like me, you almost certainly stored all the ones prices within the first nine months, providing you with a very long time to understand that $318,545.16 in financial savings and passion.

Bonus Hack: Saving Money on SodaStream Bottles

Perhaps I must have discussed this above, however the bottles that you’re making SodaStream in expire in 2-Three years. It’s a security factor. Since you might be pressurizing fuel, you need a powerful container that isn’t going to blow up. Every 2-Three years, I’ve to shop for new bottles which might be in date. I wager some folks in the market simply throw out the bottles. I take advantage of the bottles which might be nonetheless in date to make the carbonated water. Then I switch it to some of the expired bottles. It’s the similar concept in the back of the usual soda bottles that you just purchase within the retailer. The factories don’t carbonate soda in the ones reasonable plastic issues. Instead they carbonate sooner than and pour the carbonated product into them.

At this level, I’ve nine bottles as they’re normally offered in teams of two or Three. Now that I will be able to make nine liters of water at a time, I will be able to do a couple of days in simply a few mins.

Four Non-Money Reasons to Buy a SodaStream

Maybe the primary 318,545 causes don’t seem to be sufficient to persuade you. I perceive. While I write so much about cash right here, let’s dig into any other the explanation why it’s possible you’ll need to purchase a SodaStream:


I don’t know if too many of us in the market imagine that soda is excellent for them. Maybe there are a couple of of you. If that’s how you are feeling, you’ll be able to make soda with a SodaStream. However, by way of making carbonated water, you’ll be able to be extra conscious about what you might be including for your drink for taste. The True Citrus that I take advantage of is just one instance. I’ve added orange juice, pomegranite juice, and so forth.

Consider SodaStream as a gateway to creating beverages which might be extra fascinating than undeniable water, however now not as dangerous for you as soda.

Additionally, I don’t know what sort of water goes into the vitamin soda that I purchase, do you? We use this Pur water filter out which is superb.


I nonetheless need to spend a few mins making all of the carbonated water which undoubtedly isn’t “the Lazy way.” However, the other is wearing a host of two-liters and going to recycle the bottles later. My Aldi doesn’t even promote bottles of vitamin soda, so I’d need to get it from in different places.

Environmental Impact

1510160702 531 save money on drinks with sodastream - Save Money on Drinks with SodaStream
See how glad I’m while you assist stay the oceans blank?

I touched on the environmental have an effect on within the remaining level. Recycling bottles is excellent. The most effective factor higher isn’t the usage of them within the first position, proper? I believe I’ll get greater than a decade out of my SodaStream plastic bottles. The True Citrus programs create some waste, however you should most definitely have compatibility a couple of years price in kids-sized shoebox. Or you’ll be able to purchase larger shaker bottles of True Citrus that may remaining years and use little or no plastic. Additionally, a part gallon of orange juice supplies sufficient flavoring for a protracted, very long time.

My canine Jake (see photograph) appreciates you doing no matter you’ll be able to to assist stay our oceans blank.

Investing in SodaStream Stock

I absolutely supposed to hide this in the similar article, however as you’ll be able to this text is already very lengthy. I’m a shareholder, which I wrote about right here. I imagine that individuals wish to make smarter choices about their well being. SodaStream seems to be main that motion (even supposing they’ve some bad choices).

For now, I’ll go away this as an workout for the reader, however possibly in a couple of months, I’ll revisit the making an investment case.

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