Shopping for the End of the World (as we know it)

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Today’s article comes from common contributor, Kosmo.

shopping for the end of the world as we know it - Shopping for the End of the World (as we know it)

My circle of relatives is at near-lockdown level at this level.  Per week in the past, the children had been in class, my spouse and I had been each running from the workplace, and we had been set to move on a protracted weekend go back and forth to an area indoor waterpark.  The go back and forth used to be the first to get scuttled.  Late on Thursday, my corporate gave us the method to do business from home for two weeks (which has since been modified to indefinitely).  My children aren’t going to have faculty for no less than a month.  My spouse is hoping that her staff’s do business from home request, these days mired in purple tape, licensed nowadays.  If now not, she’s going to burn holiday ready for the approval.  At that time, none of us are leaving the space/backyard for some time.  The overwhelming majority of Iowa’s instances are in my county (due to an Egyptian cruise), so we’re being wary with our human interactions.

We most often have a excellent provide of meals readily available, however sufficient to ultimate Four-Eight weeks?  Probably now not.  Over the weekend, I made a go back and forth to the grocery retailer.  What did I am getting?


  • Canned tuna – I hate tuna (and just about all seafood), however the relaxation of the circle of relatives likes it.  The stuff’s excellent for a pair of years.  I additionally purchased a pair of jars of Miracle Whip to combine with it
  • Other canned meat – I purchased some canned hen and ham.  There aren’t going to be any person’s favorites, so I’ll push them to the again of the pile.  But if we want protein, they’ll serve effectively.  Easy recipe: make Stove Top in line with the recipe on the field.  Then upload canned hen, cheese, and a touch of A-1.  Not everybody likes the ensuing casserole, however I do – and it’s very fast and simple to make.
  • Peanut butter and jelly – A pair of greater boxes of each.  While peanut butter doesn’t have as a lot protein as the meats, it does have some.  We’re going to expire of bread ahead of too lengthy, so I additionally purchased crackers to unfold it on.
  • Dinty Moore pork stew – My spouse likes the stuff, so I purchased a number of cans.
  • Beef vegetable soup
  • Hormel Compleats pot roast – I devour those lovely regularly for a lunch at paintings, so I grabbed a number of of them.  Should stay issues feeling somewhat standard for me.
  • Summer sausage – It’s excellent for about six months and doesn’t require refrigeration till opened.  My daughter and I each it relatively slightly
  • Chef Boyardee for the children.
  • Pop – I’d cross loopy with out my sugar and caffeine
  • Spaghetti (unprepared)
  • Tomato soup – To make spaghetti
  • Microwave Mac and Cheese – Velveeta shells and cheese
  • Ramen noodle – I’m now not positive this stuff ever expire
  • Fruit cups – The retailer used to be slightly picked over, however there have been nonetheless some peaches
  • Raisins – Fresh fruit that lasts nearly endlessly
  • Applesauce
  • Pudding – Name logo stuff used to be long past, however Hy-Vee (grocery chain) will likely be positive.


  • Bread – It gained’t ultimate lengthy, nevertheless it’ll stay issues feeling standard for slightly
  • Hamburger – The maximum flexible of meats.
  • Hot canines and brats – straight away threw them in the refrigerator to stall the clock
  • Cheese – We like cheese so much.  Blocks of cheese had expiration dates a couple of months out, so I purchased a part dozen blocks.  Colby jack for the relaxation of the circle of relatives; non-jacked Colby for me.
  • Deli meats – Bought some Hillshire Farms 9oz tubs of ham and turkey.  The expiration dates are a pair of months out.  They’re excellent for a couple of week after you crack the seal.
  • Bananas and apples

As you’ll see, there used to be so much of center of attention on protein-rich non-perishables.

Note that we already had a stocked freezer ahead of this complete scenario began.  So we already had lots of frozen pizzas, pot pies, scorching wallet, TV dinners, in addition to a number of kilos of hamburger.

We’re additionally stressing meals conservation to the children

  • We WILL devour leftovers.  Eat the day past’s leftovers nowadays, in order that you don’t need to dip into the reserves.
  • Avoid waste via taking most effective what you know it is possible for you to to devour.  If you’re nonetheless hungry, have some extra.  But keep away from having uneaten meals to your plate at the finish of the meal.
  • Be cautious of expiration dates on perishables.  Once you’ve began the clock ticking (opening the deli meat, for instance), center of attention on that merchandise for the subsequent a number of days till it’s long past.  Don’t permit meals to destroy.

The meals conservation guidelines are all the time a excellent follow, however we’re now not all the time as diligent about them, particularly when one thing much more tasty is solely round the nook at the grocery retailer or eating place.  There’s not this sort of factor as a handy guide a rough go back and forth to the grocery retailer.  Every outdoor interplay is a possible publicity.  While we must keep away from panic, we must additionally make good alternatives and decrease outdoor touch up to imaginable.

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