Teen Titans Taught My Kids Personal Finance Before Me

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Sometimes I in finding private finance classes in surprising puts. Sometimes it’s in a a Jack Johnson track. Other occasions it’s a youngsters’ caricature. They will also pop-up in previous re-runs of Fantasy Island that I began gazing.

Note: This article would possibly sound like an commercial, but it surely isn’t (although Warner Brothers must achieve out me). I’m merely keen on the Cartoon Network display Teen Titans Go!

It began as easy self-preservation. On one hand, I may watch the “Fat Controller” berate Thomas the Tank Engine and his Friends for now not doing their activity, whilst ignoring the staff who’re on the teach. On the opposite, I may search for some other display.

While we’ve attempted a number of different displays, the only we stay coming again to is Teen Titans Go!

For those that don’t know the Teen Titans Go! characters, it’s a mainly a 5 teenage superheroes being youngsters. Instead of saving the day, they’re normally doing one thing foolish like studying what the Tooth Fairy is actually doing with all of the tooth he (sure, “he” within the display) is doing with all our tooth.

Before we get to the non-public finance classes from the display, I’ve to say the Teen Titans Go! to the Movies that’s in theaters. It’s very watchable for individuals who know not anything of the display and will get a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, which may be very, excellent. It’s been in comparison to Deadpool for youngsters. Since I haven’t noticed Deadpool, I will’t give an opinion on that.

Rather than write in regards to the particular person characters (as I may do for days), I’ll soar into:

Top Personal Finance Lessons from the Teen Titans

Money is Whatever Currency We On

In the episode Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp, Robin (of Batman reputation) tries to show the remainder of the group about cash:

“Money is not to be wasted on things that bring you happiness and joy! Money is to be hoarded, until your have enough money that your money makes more money.”

I’m now not positive too many youngsters are going to select up on that closing level, but it surely unquestionably stuck my consideration.

Turning to a caricature illustration of cash we get this lesson:

“I’m paper, however I’m additionally cash. All I’m is an agreed upon consultant of credit score. Something you business for items and products and services! So I will be anything else.

They cross on to invite whether or not cash could be a pineapple. (Actually pineapples were used as cash in historical past.)

After Beast Boy insists that cash is evil and rips up a greenback invoice, Robin makes a decision to not pay somebody till they recognize cash.

Flash ahead to later and Beast Boy has a pizza. Robin would really like a slice and gives to shop for one with a greenback. He quickly learns that the remainder of the group has agreed that the brand new forex is bumble bees.

Yes, bumble bees. I informed you it used to be a foolish display.

It ends with this hilarious track and dance:

If you have an interest, there’s a entire script of Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp right here

Focus on Health and Wealth

In the episode, Think About Your Future, Robin publicizes that he’s purchasing the Teen Titans all jackets. Raven has an epatheny:

Raven: Aren’t you guys anxious about losing cash?… So now we have some later?
Starfire: But the later isn’t till the later. Currently it’s the now.
Raven: I do know, however aren’t we going to get previous at some point?
Beast Boy: Yeah, however later .
Cyborg: And it’s the “now” presently.
Raven: Oh, k, that is sensible.

So they purchase the jackets. And then they have a good time with pizza, however now not simply any pizza it’s “extra-large, extra-extra cheese extra-extra-extra pepperoni, plus “large jugs of the soda” and “a gallon of ranch dip.”

Raven as soon as once more warns that possibly they must consume more healthy to steer clear of well being issues later. Again, the remainder of the group doesn’t care about “later.”

The scene ends and we soar forward to 70 years later.

The gang is previous with many well being issues. They can’t come up with the money for their drugs as a result of they don’t have any cash.

They all at once understand that Raven used to be proper. So they do what somebody would do. They construct a time system and ship their previous selves again to speak to their youngster selves into making extra smart alternatives.

That brings us to this clip about finding out how you can consume wholesome, beginning a 401ok plan, and an evidence of compound passion.

Everything is going completely. In reality it is going a bit too completely. The remainder of the episode isn’t instructional, however it’s entertaining.
Again, if you have an interest within the script, you’ll in finding it right here

Building Wealth with Rental Properties

No caricature is dumb sufficient to create an episode round a monotonous matter as construction fairness from apartment houses. No caricature except for for Teen Titans Go!

With episode after episode about silliness, the writers created, “Finally a Lesson.”

The easiest a part of the episode is Robin explaining apartment assets and how you can construct fairness:

If you’ll’t watch it, right here’s Robin’s rationalization:

“Equity is the amount of a property you truly own. It’s the difference between your loan balance and your property’s market value. If you sold your property and paid off the bank, the value of your equity is what you’d walk away with. When you build equity, you increase the net value of your asset. One way to do this is by paying off your mortgage.”

The episode takes them thru all of the steps. First they in finding the precise assets – a run down condo construction. Then they get to the financing, which comes to getting 20% down, the best way that “everyone else does” ask any person else for that 20%.

Then we get to the opposite a laugh portions of securing a apartment assets… the mortgage procedure. There’s an evidence of credit score rankings, securing the precise lender, filling out the bureaucracy, and getting a just right religion estimate.

The gang is beginning to get very bored, however Robin assures them they’ll be very glad in any case. For now they’ve to show their consideration solving all of the issues of the construction.

There’s a a laugh twist, however in spite of everything, Robin will get us to the pleasing finish, “It takes decades to actually build equity, but in 30 years, it will provide a modest cash flow to pay for our numerous old people medications.”

For a caricature geared at youngsters, it’s as just right of an summary that you simply’ll get. When my youngsters are older and ask why now we have apartment houses, I’ll simply cue up the episode at the DVR and ask if they’ve any particular questions.

You guessed it, the script is to be had right here.

Pyramid Schemes Will Make You Broke

I nearly didn’t come with this episode, however my spouse discussed that I must. I’ve written widely about MLM Pyramid schemes, so I didn’t really feel this addressed the subject really well. On the opposite hand, many adults can’t perceive pyramid schemes, so I will’t be expecting the Teen Titans to show youngsters this complicated matter. As same old, my spouse is right kind and it’s simply my very own intensive writing that artificially raised expectancies.

There’s in truth an excellent description of a pyramid scheme on this 2 minute clip:

The key cash quotes nearly at all times come from Robin and that is no other:

Robin: This is a pyramid scheme!… Not that roughly pyramid! A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable industry type, that guarantees bills to contributors, in line with the quantity of extra other folks they sign up within the industry, as a substitute of specializing in the sale of products or products and services to the general public… As you’ll see right here, the exponential enlargement of the “business”, will ultimately reason all of the operation to cave in, leaving the contributors on the backside of the pyramid bankrupt, whilst the ones on the most sensible stroll away wealthy…

Starfire: I do have the query. Did the mummies construct the pyramids?

Robin: There aren’t any mummies! It’s now not a literal pyramid!

Almost everybody in MLM doesn’t perceive this idea and nonetheless cross conferences to learn to display the plan or sign up other folks within the industry. In reality, the individuals who take advantage of cash in each MLM are the individuals who have the most important downlines of enrolled other folks, now not gross sales of products or products and services to the general public.

Beast Boy joins and makes Pyramid Scheme cash which results in this superior track:

Of direction the remainder of the group (sans Robin) need all of the cash, so Beast Boy enrolls them as “money deputies” with himself as a “money sheriff.” Robin warns them, “You are participating in a fraudulent business” and “This pyramid scheme is going to leave you broke, Titans.”

Everything spins out of regulate and will get jumbled in with mummies short of their a reimbursement and the Teen Titans now not having the ability to ship. They get out of it with some foolish stuff that doesn’t make sense, however via this level, they’ve addressed the subject reasonably neatly.

Once once more, you’ll discover a transcript of the episode right here

Final Thoughts

I actually don’t understand how a lot monetary data my youngsters are soaking up from this, however I do know that they consider just about the whole thing they see.

I’ve watched my percentage of cartoons and I will’t recall to mind another normal caricature that covers part of the monetary subjects in Teen Titans Go! There are nonetheless a large number of episodes that I haven’t noticed, so I may have ignored a couple of cash classes.

Where are the unexpected puts you’ve discovered cash classes? Let me know within the feedback.

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