The Serenity of My FIRE Journey

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Last week, I learn Why FIRE Is Such a Compelling Story on RetireBy40. The article compares Joe’s adventure to FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) with the classical hero’s adventure blueprint that underscores many a success tales.

To provide an explanation for it, he is going step-by-step via Christopher Vogler’s ebook The Writers Journey. He contrasts his FIRE adventure with a film a couple of motley staff of house vacationers who overthrow an omnipotent oppressive regime. It’s an previous film, so I doubt you heard of it. I feel it was once referred to as Space Battles one thing.

the serenity of my fire journey - The Serenity of My FIRE Journey

Joe invited different bloggers to sign up for in at the thought. I’m throwing my hat into the hoop.

I want to birth by means of pronouncing that I don’t assume FIRE is “heroic.” It can’t be in comparison to saving a town complete of other people.

I’m going to take his previous 20th century film a couple of motley staff of house vacationers who overthrow an omnipotent oppressive regime and provides it a 21st century replace. I do know there are so much of Space Battles enthusiasts available in the market, however that is for the Firefly/Serenity enthusiasts available in the market.

This goes to be problem. As io9/Gizmodo writes in Eight Reasons Why The Hero’s Journey Sucks:

“But over the years, lazy writers like George Lucas have used [the hero’s journey] as a tick list… It discourages originality… Instead of championing tales which are other, like say, Firefly/Serenity… What a couple of workforce of individuals who make a decision to paintings in combination to modify the crappy established order?”

Fortunately, I discovered some lend a hand with this hero’s adventure of Serenity. I’m curious how that is all going to figure out. If I don’t know the place this going, you’ll’t have a clue both proper? Good!

Let’s dig in.

Serenity and My FIRE Hero’s Journey

1. The Ordinary global:

Normal existence sooner than the journey starts.

Serenity: It’s the yr 2517, and people have moved to a brand new sun machine after Earth was once overpopulated. Our hero, Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Mal), and his staff can easiest be described as house pirates. They cross from planet to planet on smuggling jobs dwelling paycheck to paycheck.

FIRE Journey: Lazy Man graduates faculty with a pc science level. He temporarily strikes as much as control at an most sensible web corporate.

2. Call to journey:

Something occurs to disrupt strange existence.

Serenity: Mal comes to a decision to deliver 16-year previous River on a task as a result of she has the uncommon present of having the ability to learn minds which could be useful. River’s brother, Simon, has damaged her out of a secret murderer/brainwashing coaching lab run by means of the evil Alliance. The task doesn’t cross as deliberate and River was once put in peril, and Simon publicizes they’re off the send on the subsequent planet.

At the following planet, a tv performs River’s secret murderer cause phrase and he or she destroys a bar till Simon says her sleep phrase.

FIRE Journey: The web is going bust and everybody lays off instrument engineers. Lazy Man is going from contract to contract. After a couple of years, joins a brand new start-up. Lazy Man begins to broaden the concept that instrument engineering is also outsourced to India and different puts the place the price of dwelling is reasonable.

three. Refusal:

The hero fears the unknown and is reluctant to modify.

Serenity: The staff (sans River who’s in her bunk listening) meet in Serenity (the spaceship). Mal has no reason for why he didn’t depart them on this planet just like the plan. In this situation, it’s the most sensible mercenary, Jayne, who fears the unknown and Mal has the same opinion with him.

FIRE Journey: Lazy Man continues to paintings. Despite being paid within the backside five% of his friends, he’s satisfied to have a task and doesn’t need to rock the boat.

four. Meeting a mentor:

Serenity: Mal contacts Mr. Universe to take a look at to determine what came about. Mr. Universe watches all of the media on this universe, “Can’t stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere.” He learns that the Alliance prompted River with the tv business in order that they may in finding her. The Alliance must get River again as a result of they made the error of having anyone with all of their secrets and techniques in the similar room along with her… and her talent to learn his thoughts.

FIRE Journey: Lazy Man reads an editorial about bloggers who’re sharing their source of revenue and spending, however no longer their names. He comes throughout Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Lazy Man begins to assume that running smarter could be higher than running more difficult. (It could be a while sooner than he realizes that Rich Dad, Poor Dad is handiest just right for motivation and Kiyosaki provides horrible non-public finance knowledge.)

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One of my prized possessions. Signed by means of everybody within the forged except for for Gina Torres.

five. Crossing the edge:

The hero leaves the strange global and adventure into the particular global.


FIRE Journey: Lazy Man is getting critical together with his female friend. Her energetic accountability standing manner she’s eligible to retire with a pension at age 43. Lazy Man begins this weblog in 2006, with the hope of discovering some trail to retire along with her in 2019. The thought of retiring in 2041 at age 65 isn’t interesting. He explores making an investment in condohotels, P2P lending, and techniques to economize.

After a couple of months, he learns that what he’s been calling a “money blog” is in truth one thing referred to as “personal finance.” Years later he would be told in regards to the FIRE acronym.

6. Tests, Allies, Enemies:

Hero encounters difficulties, helpers, and demanding situations.

Serenity: Mal meets up with Shephard Book and will get some sensible recommendation. Book says the Alliance is sending an murderer, an Operative, as a result of they need to stay this a secret. Mal additionally receives some religious recommendation and begins to comprehend that he has a robust ethical compass (in spite of all of the thieving, smuggling, and the opposite stuff they do to get by means of.)

Mal will get a choice from Inara (former passenger and Mal’s unstated love hobby) who claims to want lend a hand with native unrest on her planet. Mal, realizing that this is a entice, is going anyway. He will get in an epic struggle with the Operative, however is obviously outmatched. On the verge of getting killed, Inara saves him with a wonderfully timed distraction.

FIRE Journey: Lazy Man creates pals with dozens of bloggers. He joins one formal community the place everybody promotes each and every different’s paintings. Lazy Man spends so much of time in non-public finance boards development relationships with different bloggers. He reads and feedback on a dozen blogs every day.

7. The Approach:

Long adventure and preparation for the most important problem within the particular global.

Serenity: River has a imaginative and prescient of the name of the game that the Alliance sought after to cover, a planet referred to as Miranda. They go back to Shephard Book’s planet to determine extra about this hidden planet and located that the Alliance was once there first. In a touching second, Book tells Mal that he doesn’t care what Mal believes in, simply that he believes.

The Alliance is removing someone and everybody within the universe who has ever sheltered our heroes, leaving them no protected haven to run to.

Mal orders his staff on a “suicide mission” via “Reaver space” to get to Miranda and be told the secrets and techniques there. Reavers are people who’ve transform virtually like a pack of wolves looking different people like bunnies. It’s a large stretch to name them human and I’ll spare you the too graphic description of how they deal with people.

The staff doesn’t consider this plan, however this adventure is the only position they may be able to reside the place the Alliance received’t observe. As the pilot, Wash says, “There’s nothing about this plan that isn’t horrific!”

FIRE Journey: Lazy Man’s fiancé, in opposition to all odds, will get a task alternative around the nation in San Francisco. The two cross out and construct new pals and alliances.

They have to show their condos into condo homes as a result of they may be able to’t be profitably offered. Lazy Man get increasingly excited by running a blog and not more and not more excited by instrument engineering. Silicon Valley isn’t any position for a 32-year previous geezer engineer anyway.

Six years later after the beginning of their first son, the heroes transfer again to the East Coast. Just days sooner than they do, they finalize a HARP refinance on the ones condo homes. The new 15-year at three.five% charge cuts years of bills off of the previous 30-year at 6%.

Lazy Man and spouse proceed (as they have got performed all alongside) to do their easiest to max out retirement accounts and take benefit of the facility of compound hobby.

eight. The Ordeal:

Greatest non-public problem, the entirety is at the line.

Serenity: After effectively attending to Miranda, the staff learns the Alliance’s secret. With that secret they forge a plan to inform the sector.

FIRE Journey: Over time, Lazy Man realized the secrets and techniques of how MLM/Pyramid Schemes rip-off other people into false “business” alternatives. He proclaims logical explanations of what they’re and the way they paintings together with knowledge that they’re designed in order that greater than 99.nine% of other people lose cash. When the folks lose cash, they’re advised they aren’t running exhausting sufficient or that they want to purchase extra coaching in order that they may be able to proceed to feed cash to the zero.1% on the most sensible of the pyramid.

Lazy Man is attacked by means of unscrupulous legal professionals employed by means of the MLM/Pyramid Scheme trade. They threaten to bankrupt his whole circle of relatives to suppress other people from finding out the reality in regards to the scams. (This was once sooner than John Oliver uncovered them on HBO and the FTC publicly lambasted them.)

Lazy Man good points new recognize for the film Serenity as he struggles in opposition to felony loopholes which are used to silence unfastened speech.

nine. The Reward:

The hero takes ownership of the prize and turns into more potent.

Serenity: Mal and the staff will get the evidence to proportion the reality about Miranda. If they may be able to get the evidence to Mr. Universe, they may be able to broadcast it to all of the planets within the universe and the corruption of the evil Alliance might be printed.

FIRE Journey: The energy of compound hobby and the nice on-going bull marketplace propels Lazy Man and his circle of relatives in opposition to monetary independence.

10. The Road again:

One minor take a look at to force the tale to of entirety.

Serenity: Mal and staff head to Mr. Universe, however they have got to get again even though Reaver Space and the Operative/Alliance. One small send in opposition to masses? Our hero creates a plan. If the plan to get to Miranda was once “There’s nothing about this plan that isn’t horrific!”, the plan to get again is 100 instances extra horrific.

One may make a case that this suits within the subsequent phase.

FIRE Journey: Lazy Man and his spouse have two superior boys. Lazy Man’s spouse has a piece state of affairs of golden handcuffs. In addition, her energetic accountability standing grants the men an incredible bargain at an incredible college. If she retires, the schooling prices cross up whilst our source of revenue is going down.

The seek for a technique to that is ongoing. We don’t understand how the tale will finish, but.

11. The Resurrection:

The hero has a last come upon with the chance. This is the climax of the tale.

Serenity: Mal will get in a last struggle with the Operative. The Operative runs a sword via him, however an previous conflict harm saves him. Mal has the chance to kill the Operative, however as a substitute traps him and forces him to observe as he spreads the reality about Miranda which adjustments the ‘verse.

FIRE Journey: Lazy Man and spouse don’t know what twists and turns existence will throw at them, however there’ll no doubt be some encounters with threat.

12. The Return:

The hero returns house or continues the adventure, bearing some sort of treasure or energy to modify the sector.

Serenity: Mal has a last communicate with the defeated Operative in regards to the modified global. His love hobby, Inara, is at the fence about whether or not to sign up for the staff or return to her planet. Mal settles in together with his new co-pilot, River.

FIRE Journey: At some level sooner or later, Lazy Man and circle of relatives, close up their stuff, hire out their space, and spend summers in Europe. The boys have a hard choice of opting for the most efficient monetary help applications from Princeton, Harvard, and Stanford. Lazy Man’s spouse manages the boy band all of them co-founded.

As for Lazy Man, he grows up and figures out what he needs to do.

What’s Your Journey?

As you’ll, our FIRE adventure continues to be a piece in development. If we would have liked to retire subsequent yr when my spouse is pension eligible lets. We may put the youngsters in public college. We may unload the condo homes and use the cash to repay the loan on space we are living in. We’d have only a few bills with paid off vehicles, sun panels, space, and slightly affordable well being care from the army.

However, those aren’t essentially the most efficient alternatives to make. It is also reducing issues shut. We could be sacrificing issues which are necessary to us.

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If any bloggers are having a look to sign up for this chain, the directions are on the finish of the Anchor article by means of Retire by means of 40 above.

I truly want your feedback in this article, readers. I’m no longer positive I did Serenity justice or if I put it in the fitting mould. I did my easiest to attenuate spoilers, however it’s been 13 years, so that you had your probability.

I additionally need to pay attention what you take into consideration your FIRE adventure. Does it have compatibility the hero’s adventure?

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