Waiting for the Million Dollar Email

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We’re on pins and needles in the Lazy Man family. Two days in the past the Million Dollar Email (MDE) had a 33% of arriving. Yesterday it had a 50%. Today, it has a 100% likelihood of arriving. Well perhaps 99.nine% likelihood, simply in case the web is going down.

I’m getting forward myself. What’s this Million Dollar Email about, proper?

For the remaining 7 years, the finish of June has turn into “the wait.” That’s when the army promotion listing comes out.

My spouse has been up for promotion 7 instances and each and every yr it has resulted in sadness. At her degree, virtually no person will get it the first time. Each yr the promotion board has come again with new suggestions. One yr it’s “Get a certification.” The subsequent yr it’s “Get an MBA (to add to your Pharm.D).” The subsequent yr it’s “Lead an organization.” The subsequent yr it’s, “Not the top pharmacy organization of thousands of people, but a military one.” The yr after that it’s, “Vice President of the top military organization isn’t enough. Do better.” One yr it’s, “Deploy more, we don’t care that your boss rejects your deployments.” Another yr it’s, “Get more awards, we don’t care that we gave you the top award and later sent you an email that it was taken away.”

This yr she’s President of the group. She deployed so much remaining yr. The awards… smartly… the promotion board can nonetheless ding her for that.

In any case, that is for all the marbles. She’s made it no small secret that she’s completed leaping via hoops. If she will get the promotion, she’ll imagine proceeding to paintings with out all the 2nd activity of hoop-jumping. If she doesn’t get the promotion, she’s O-U-T along with her army pension.

With the promotion, the following occurs:

  • Continuing to paintings at a six-figure wage, with an building up of $1500 a month.
  • A pension this is price $12Okay extra a yr for existence
  • Kids’ personal college continues to honor the army bargain, a “savings” of $12,500 a yr. (This is our luxurious merchandise, please don’t pass judgement on an excessive amount of.)

Does that upload as much as one million bucks? I’m going to fall again on my Lazy Man moniker and now not do the math utterly. A back-of-the-envelope calculation says it can be $500Okay in pension. I feel the different 500Okay can come from operating at the top wage, the lift, and the children’ college bargain. Maybe it isn’t one million bucks, however I feel it’s shut.

Without the promotion, she will be able to become independent from from the “one more year” hamster wheel that she’s been on. That could be price it by myself. I assume that both manner, our existence will considerably alternate.

The reason why for the suspense is that the promotion listing has to come back out in June because it has completed for the remaining 20+ years (perhaps many years longer). If it doesn’t the payroll for July first turns into a large number (from my working out.)

As I write this, June has not up to 12 hours left in it… tick, tick, tick.

Update: She didn’t get the promotion, so it seems like she may retire over the subsequent yr. They best promoted nine% of the eligible folks. It was once 30%, then it was once 25% and was once 12% sooner than. I assume few pharmacists did the rest worthy over the remaining yr…. /sarcasm.

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