We Will Beat Trumpcare: We Only Lose If We Forget What We’re Fighting For

The combat to offer protection to the well being care of tens of tens of millions of Americans and the combat to make bigger Medicare to hide each and every American are one and the similar.

The Affordable Care Act was once no longer absolute best, nevertheless it was once a large step in the correct course. Before the ACA, 16 p.c of Americans have been compelled to move with out medical health insurance. Now, the uninsured fee is below nine p.c.

We want to duvet that nine p.c, and we want to get for-profit insurance coverage firms out of well being care. We are preventing to ensure well being handle all Americans, so we will be able to clearly combat towards even a unmarried individual having theirs stolen from them by way of a number of crooks in Washington, D.C.

The newest incarnation of Trumpcare, referred to as “Graham-Cassidy,” is even worse than the former variations. It is going a lot additional than simply repealing the ACA. If this invoice turns into regulation, it will totally ruin Medicaid, which covers 74 million Americans together with 45 p.c of kids below the age of 6 and seniors who require long-term nursing house care.

we will beat trumpcare we only lose if we forget what were fighting for - We Will Beat Trumpcare: We Only Lose If We Forget What We’re Fighting For

Why is the GOP at the verge of passing this sort of horrific invoice? The solution is understated: cash in. They plan to take the cash that will have long gone against offering high quality care to the American folks, and use it to offer an enormous tax minimize to their extremely wealthy donors. They detest Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act as a result of those techniques debunk their far-right ideology by way of proving that govt does some issues higher than the personal, for-profit sector — and well being care is considered one of them.

That’s why Republicans are petrified of Medicare for All. If the American folks understand that everybody pays much less into the device and recover care, it will be catastrophic for each Republican donors and Republican ideology.

We won’t forestall preventing till each and every American has high quality well being care, and making that occur is a query of values, no longer affordability. America is the wealthiest nation within the historical past of the sector on the wealthiest second in our historical past. Nearly each and every different nation on earth has effectively made well being care a correct for all their folks.

For over 100 years we now have fought for assured well being care. We aren’t about to let a number of grasping liars from Wall Street and their goons in D.C. scouse borrow medical health insurance from tens of millions of Americans and push them into early graves for cash in and delight.

Call 202-224-3121 and inform your Senators to reject Trumpcare!

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