What is FORM 16? Full Details

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Form 16 is a record all of us wait once we are in provider to document our returns. But have you ever questioned, what is Form 16 & what it tells in regards to the taxpayer?

What is the explanation to factor Form 16 and what is the importance?

According to segment 203 – Income Tax Act 1961, FORM 16 is a record or certificates to a salaried skilled in India through their respective employers. Form 16 is additionally issued to pensioners retired from central executive provider.

Form 16 comprise the entire data you wish to have to arrange and document your source of revenue tax go back. It additionally known as a “salary certificate” and it accommodates all of the main points in regards to the wage which is given through group in a selected monetary yr, the source of revenue tax that is deducted from the wage of the person payer.

Form 16 will have to be issued through yearly through an employer to staff the remaining date to give you the Form 16 is prior to 15 June (for the yr 2019 it is 15 July, as prolonged through the Government).

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Form 16 & TDS

As according to the Income-tax Act, the employer is required to deduct a TDS (Tax deducted at supply) at the foundation of this the source of revenue tax slab charge. They calculate tax at the foundation of wage given to worker and deductions declared through the worker.

So the TDS is deducted through the group and deposited with the source of revenue tax division and the FORM 16, in flip, is evidence of the similar.

what is form 16 full details - What is FORM 16? Full Details

Components of Form 16

There are two elements

Part A of FORM 16

Part A provides the summary of tax accumulated through the group, from the wage source of revenue, at the worker’s behalf and deposited within the executive’s account.

In case, the worker has labored for multiple employer all the way through the monetary yr, he /she will get gets 2 Part A. Part A is often referred to as Annexure I.

Components of FORM 16 Part A TDS certificates:

  1. Name, TAN No., PAN No. , and deal with of the employer
  2. Name, PAN No., and deal with of the worker
  3. Detail of tax deducted and deposited quarterly with the federal government
  4. Assessment yr for which the TDS has been deducted
  5. The time frame of employment with the employer
  6. The TDS fee acknowledgment no.
  7. Summary of the wage paid.
  8. Date of tax deduction from the wage
  9. Date of tax deposit within the account of presidency

This phase A of FORM 16 is generated throughout the TRACES portal of the source of revenue tax division. All pages of Part A must be digitally or bodily signed through the deductor.


This PART B covers main points referring to wage paid or every other source of revenue as disclosed through the worker to his/her group. It accommodates information about the computation of taxable source of revenue and tax to be paid. Part B is often referred to as Annexure B. The records in Annexure II is the knowledge that the source of revenue tax division considers for verifying the tax legal responsibility on an annual foundation.

Components of FORM 16 phase B TDS certificates:

  1. Detailed wage explicit like HRA, the deduction claimed like PPF, NSC, PENSION, GRATUITY, LEAVE ENCASHMENT, LTA, and many others.
  2. Education tax and surcharge
  3. Deduction allowed underneath the source of revenue tax act
  4. Total wage won
  5. Gross source of revenue
  6. Net taxable wage
  7. Rebate underneath segment 87, if acceptable
  8. Relief underneath segment 89
  9. Total quantity of tax payable on source of revenue
  10. Tax deducted and the steadiness tax due or refund acceptable.

If you had multiple jobs in a yr, then you are going to get multiple FORM 16. The employers get ready phase B FORM himself and factor it alongside Part A.

What is new in FORM 16?

From this yr (AY 2019-20) there are some adjustments acceptable.

In the remaining yr, the funds (Download Budget 2019 Guide) has re-introduced the usual deduction of Rs 40000 (AY2019-20) in lieu of annual clinical compensation of Rs 15000 and Rs 19200 of annual delivery allowance.

The reason why for standardization of FORM 16 within the new structure is to make sure the suitable exemption are being claimed in order that the similar may also be matched with the go back filed through employers.

The revised FORM may even come with main points of deduction in recognize of passion on deposits in financial savings accounts, rebate and surcharge are acceptable. The exemption is to be had on saving financial institution passion as much as Rs 10000 and Rs 50000 exemption to be had to the senior citizen. Previously the folk would cover the passion source of revenue through keeping up fastened deposits in numerous branches.

The new one additionally require other disclosure of source of revenue/ loss from area assets and source of revenue from different assets through the worker, which might be presented for TDS.

Newly announced codecs will expose all deduction of source of revenue which is tax exempt. Hence source of revenue underneath segment 10 must be captured underneath ‘’source of revenue from different assets”

It is essential for the source of revenue tax division to resolve NRI’s standing for taxpaying person or corporate. The NRI’s must appropriately mark the selection of days to stick in India and aboard.

Benefits of FORM 16

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It is prompt you take a look at each and every element discussed in shape 16 prior to submitting returns.

Do ask us if in case you have any doubts on What is Form 16 or any of its elements.

Hope we have now justified your efforts of studying this long article. Will look forward to your queries.

(This article is researched & written through Janvi Soni (Intern at WealthWisher Financial Planners & Advisors)

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